Dedicated Agriculture and Timber team

Allstate became an active investor in agriculture and timberland in 2012. We are one of the few institutional investors with resources dedicated to these segments and have developed deep sector expertise. Our flexibility with respect to sector, structure and geography enables us to react to changing market dynamics. We focus on fundamental values, limit leverage and emphasize downside protection to mitigate the inherent cyclicality of both segments. Target geographies include North and South America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We often partner with other sophisticated institutional investors, and our target investment size ranges from $15 million to $100+ million.


With respect to agriculture, we believe there are unique opportunities for patient long-term equity capital. The segment remains highly fragmented, and institutional equity capital is nascent. Our investment approach incorporates:

  • Partnering with companies and/or private equity managers of agribusiness or farmland
  • Optimizing portfolio risk-adjusted returns
  • Practicing environmental stewardship and embracing new technological advances
  • Targeting investments in permanent crops, row crops and agribusiness


We seek to invest in high-value timberlands with attractive growth profiles and access to established demand channels in countries where land tenure rights are strong and the legal system is clear and well established.